Harlow Loves Daisy: Meet The Maker


Harlow Loves Daisy’s Designer and Creative Director Corinne Pettersen was born in Woodville, New Zealand, from a mixed heritage of ‘kiwi’ and Norwegian. Her love of fashion came from her grandmother, a beautiful raven haired goddess who told her never to leave the house without lipstick, always hold your head up, your bottom in and your chest out and live by the mantra ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’. Corinne would watch her enviously as she readied herself for the day ahead – beautifully manicured hands, bright polished skin, red lips and just a flick of eyeliner (‘because a flick of eyeliner will widen your eyes just enough to appear natural’).

As a child, Corinne’s wonderfully talented mother would spend countless hours sewing beautiful outfits, not only for her two daughters but also for their collection of dolls. That memory stays with Corinne and has led her to where she is today as a designer. She credits her talent for sewing from her mother and her passion for style and fashion from her grandmother.

In 2014 Corinne began creating designs for herself to wear and each time she wore one out, people would ask ‘where did you buy this?’ and from this came a small silk collection of kimonos, kaftans and dresses which has evolved into the label it is today. Carefully curated luxury bohemian collections in exquisite fabrics.

Corinne has never wavered from her vision … beautifully bohemian, timeless, sensual designs made from stunning fabrics, handmade with love, joy, and humility.

Her motivation…the love of God, the love of her family.

Brand profile


Harlow Loves Daisy designs, a collection of breathtaking luxury bohemian pieces, all handmade with love and joy in Melbourne Australia, by the label’s Designer and Creative Director, Corinne Pettersen. HLD designs are rich in colour, lavish in fabrication and often ornate in detail, reinventing the idea of opulence. Each piece ensuring the owner not only makes an entrance but makes the entrance. Designs are created from the finest silks and laces, cottons, wools, and sumptuous velvets, with of course lashings of beautiful sparkling sequins.

HLD throws tradition on its head, making fashion look effortless.

This independent label has already reached great heights in its 5 years of operation, with participation in many major fashion festivals and events, editorial in Australian and international publications and a dedicated and expansive following.
Harlow Loves Daisy offers everyone the opportunity to wear individually beautiful, bespoke pieces for women (and men) of all ages who are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone, so they can look and feel divine and with uniquely gorgeous designs and a strong brand identity, HLD is certainly generating much national and international attention.